Get To Know How the Global Sevilla Curriculum Develop the Student Abilities

Get To Know How the Global Sevilla Curriculum Develop the Student Abilities

The teaching and learning process in the classroom provides students with opportunities to develop their skills and abilities. For this reason, Global Sevilla international school Jakarta Barat offers three different levels of academic programs according to the age and character of students starting from kindergarten, elementary school, and high school. Here is the information for you.

Get To Know How the Global Sevilla Curriculum Develop the Student Abilities

The Outcome of Implementing a Different Curriculum According to Age Levels

  1. Students will Develop the Six Areas of Learning

As the best international school, Global Sevilla offers a different curriculum to teach its students. One of the curricula used to teach kindergarten-level students is the IEYC (international early years curriculum). This curriculum is designed for students at an early age in the range of 2 to 5 years to develop basic thinking skills.

At the kindergarten level, the program will focus on the developmental needs of children through a fun and practical learning approach. The students at the international school Jakarta Barat will study six areas of learning in a fun method. These areas include language, reasoning, physical, creative, personal development, and understanding of the real world.

  1. Student Ability for Personal Learning at School

At the next level, Global Sevilla students will use Active Inquiry-Based Learning. In this case, they will study using two different curricula, namely Cambridge Primary and International Basic Curriculum. For Cambridge Primary which focuses on specific subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and English. While the second curriculum will emphasize soft skills, thematic learning, and creativity.

The foundation level is designed for students aged 3 to 12 years to develop their abilities in better personal learning. The academic level can teach students to learn more independently by visiting the library, so they can build reading habits. Not only that, but students can also develop their performance and self-efficacy skills when presenting in class.

  1. Students Will Understand Their Characteristics

The next curriculum used by international school Jakarta Barat is Project and Research-based learning. At this intermediate level, students are expected to be able to practice innovation and creativity through practical activities, projects, and research. By doing these activities, they will be able to understand the abilities they have.

There is no doubt that Global Sevilla offers the best quality curriculum for educating young learners. By classifying based on students’ needs, they will get certain results to get a better education. Starting from the kindergarten level, elementary level, and intermediate level can lead them to discover the potential for excellent abilities they have.




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