5 Stand Out Facilities Provided by Preschool Jakarta Barat

5 Stand Out Facilities Provided by Preschool Jakarta Barat

As an international school, Global Sevilla offers the best education with well-equipped facilities. This institution ensures the student is fully supported in their daily learning experiences through various facilities. From the classroom to the playground, there are many places and rooms to enhance children’s understanding. Here is information about facilities at preschool Jakarta Barat!

5 Stand Out Facilities Provided by Preschool Jakarta Barat

Stand Out Facilities Provided by Global Sevilla Preschool You Should Know

  1. Toddler Classroom

The first facility that you need to know about is the toddler classroom. It is specially designed by young learners from age 1.5 to 2 years old. The classroom comes with soft mats and soft walls with adorable colors. In addition, classroom design is useful to keep the safety of young learners while studying in the classroom.

  1. Sensory Room

Next, there is a sensory room that preschools use at the level of kindergarten. The use of the sensory room is beneficial to develop young learners’ abilities. Through the sensory room, the children will boost their skills in climbing, jumping, balancing, etc. In this case, the parent doesn’t need to worry about their children at preschool Jakarta Barat since it is carried out under well-trained teachers.

  1. School Playground

During recess or after school, the students at the primary level can play at the spacious field and many open spaces on the campuses. However, the children also can use the outdoor facilities by visiting a playground. It features swings, a climb tail, and slides for children to enjoy their time with their peers.

  1. Pre-nursery Classroom

There is also a pre-nursery classroom with well-equipped facilities provided by Global Sevilla. At this level, the professional teachers ensure the classroom is well-decorated with relevant charts, and students work to provide the best environment to study at school. Not only do they have that, but the classroom also stimulates children to have well-defined learning corners.

  1. Kindergarten Reading Corner

To ensure that the children have basic knowledge of literacy, preschool Jakarta Barat provides additional facilities such as a reading corner. It is specially designed for children in kindergarten. The big book is on display to attract student’s habits on reading and telling the story. In this case, the teacher will teach students by reading the book regularly.

Global Sevilla preschools are designed in modern, safe, and fenced facilities. It is because the children at this level need extra attention and lack behavior. Therefore, well-equipped, best quality, and safe facilities are needed. The children can use both indoor and outdoor facilities to enjoy their time in early childhood.




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