Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat And It's International Curriculum IEYC

Why does a preschool need IEYC? For an international standard education, Global Sevilla understands the higher stake in education. It demands personalized and more engaging learning, which is why the school uses IEYC for their preschool Jakarta Barat or Timur. In general, IEYC is the perfect selection for the school since both have a link to developing a more personalized education.

Global Sevilla Preschool And Kindergarten

As said in Global Sevilla’s international school’s mission, the institution is to provide a thorough education for children. The school wants to learn more than just academics, focusing on character and personality. That is why, Global Sevilla loves to employ a range of interactive learning, activities, and materials to keep students engaged in their class.

The subjects themselves can ranges and varied from cognitive, and numeracy, to physical and social. The daily activity by the school is also adopted to teach them values in learning, and develop a positive attitude toward learning. That meant, Global Sevilla has already taught values even as young as a toddler.

Global Sevilla also provides a more attractive approach to their education at preschool Jakarta Barat. Different programs are also given depending on students’ ages, which is important in developing certain skills at the time. The school also has its mindfulness approach, which is the perfect fit for IEYC.

Early Years Program In Global Sevilla

IEYC or international early year curriculum is one of the worldly known education structures. It is made by Fieldwork academy, which is also the people behind many other international curriculums. Following the school’s mission of developing students’ expertise more than just academically, IEYC will be the best option to adopt.

Students in preschool or kindergarten have their chance to learn through fun, engaging, and attractive activities. Each classes also has its unique learning, which helps optimize the education depending on students’ skills and abilities. And one of the vital aspects of IEYC that fit Global Sevilla’s is its Six areas of learning.

The preschool Jakarta Barat tailors its education to fit the six areas of learning and development. The learning includes the development of literacy, creativity, social, communication, numeracy, and understanding of the world. With that aspect of learning, the school can provide the best-personalized education for every child.

You can see that the school has its plus points due to its availability in implementing the IEYC curriculum. It fit with the school’s mission of personal, interpersonal, and thorough development. That is why Global Sevilla is one of the best preschools you can consider in Jakarta Barat. Don’t miss the chance for enrollment. Check its site right now.

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