Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat Toddler Programs

Preschool Jakarta Barat

Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta – If you have a toddler that you want to send to school, you can send him to Global Sevilla. You don’t need to worry, in there your child will be educated in such a way with several characteristics of teaching science. It will make quality gold generations that will be useful for the country and the nation. Global Sevilla is one of the preschool Jakarta Barat that has above average school quality. This school will introduce basic skills. Here the explanation.

Preschool Jakarta Barat

Recognizing The Shapes

In this program, the students will be required to be responsive in recognizing various shapes of things.  To give these lessons, the teachers using a fun and entertaining manner to avoid them feel bored. Usually, the teacher using games and songs as media learning. The students were very excited when hearing word games right? They use this method by creating they’re own based on old observations. Then, your son will be responsible for this program.

Recognizing The Colors

This preschool also introduces colors. There are so many types of colors that are similar to other colors. Often students get caught up in complex color learning. To recognize various kinds of colors, the children of this preschool Jakarta Barat will be taught some basic colors first. they need to be able to recognize primary colors to make it easier to identify secondary colors. They should remember the basic colors like red, yellow, blue.

Doing Simple Counting

There are many ways to teach your children simple counting. For example, when you spoon your son with food, you can count aloud each spoon you give. Your children will be following you to count. In Global Sevilla, the teachers teach how to count correctly and easily understood by students. Do not forget, they use interesting ways so that children are more comfortable and not bored when learning this simple math.

Singing To Add Vocabulary

To add vocabulary, teachers usually using songs or short movies to attract attention. Develop this skill by creating singings about a rhyming word. The teachers in this preschool Jakarta Barat usually let them pick up the new words from repetitions but still in the context of the same song. Then the song will play so they can observe what word the singer is talking about.

The Global Sevilla is the right school for both adult children and even toddlers. You don’t have to worry about how your son is educated in this school. By having teachers who are experienced and can share their knowledge, will result in your children being smart after graduating from this school. Don’t hesitate to enroll your son in this school, because this is all for your own child’s future.

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