More To Know About One Of The Best International School Di Jakarta: Global Sevilla

More To Know About One Of The Best International School Di Jakarta: Global Sevilla

What comes to mind when picking the best educational body for your children? Many will say popularity and quality. But it is not enough to find the best international school di Jakarta (Sekolah internasional Jakarta) You will need to consider the curricula, facilities, and focuses. In this case, one of the best options is Global Sevilla Jakarta. To show you the reasons, here are some points to learn about the school.

The Curriculum

As a school with international standards, Global Sevilla uses Cambridge as its main curriculum. The Cambridge curriculum is found in Primary school and secondary school as a form of test and checkpoints. In this case, Cambridge is not only providing international standards but also a strong syllabus in character development.

Along with Cambridge, Global Sevilla also uses or implements curricula from Fieldwork Academy UK. The Curricula are IEYC or international early years curriculum for preschool and kindergarten level, the second curriculum is IPC or international primary curriculum to support Cambridge primary. There is also a National curriculum meant to prepare students for national final exams.

The Facilities And Campuses

One of the things that global Sevilla can be proud of is its facilities. The international school di Jakarta has set its facility standard to the highest to support the best education needs and learning process. The school has laboratories for various uses, outdoor or indoor sports facilities, and a specific room for the younger learner in the form of a sensory room or playground.

To give service and education options to Indonesia, especially Jakarta citizens, the school is currently running two different campuses. One campus is on East Jakarta or Jakarta Timur, located in Pulo Mas. The second location is at west Jakarta or Jakarta Barat, located in the Puri Indah campus. Each has similar standards, for all facilities, education, and activities.

The Focuses And Approach

One of the unique aspects the Global Sevilla has is the Character building focus, which is considered rare in today’s education. It is a learning focus that is meant to help the student develop a positive character alongside the perfect or great academic outcome. It also comes with varying approaches, including teaching values (giving, compassion, and self-control) and using a mindfulness-based approach.

In general, you can see that Global Sevilla is a certified and thorough education with International scope and standards. It has many to offer, from the curriculum, and facilities, to learning, and focus. For parents, international education qualifications should be enough as a reason to pick the school. Don’t miss it, and check out Global Sevilla now!


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