Preschool Jakarta Timur Global Sevilla Learning Approach - The Best For Young Learners

The learning approach help students get the best education throughout their learning. That is why the approach and ideas should follow and provide the best for their learner. In young learner education, the approach is a key to succession. That is why Global Sevilla put a huge aspect into its education, which later makes it one of the best preschool Jakarta Timur.

Global Sevilla Kindergarten And Preschool

One of the prime academic levels of Global Sevilla Jakarta is its kindergarten and preschool. Following the school’s mission and vision of providing the best education for personal, interpersonal, and academic, the school has its ways of providing the best young learner education.

In this case, the school tries to promote and encourage students to learn or build their literacy, numeracy, and communication skills through varying implementation. The daily classroom routines and approach are also practiced to follow the more calm and focused interaction. That is why the school has its program split into four different classes.

Early Years Program In Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla’s early year program specifically focuses on a diverse learning approach. It goes with the fact that every year, the young learner has their unique capabilities and learning abilities. Thus, the international school needs to tailor a specific approach for each year. This is the reason why Global Sevilla has more than five classes.

Those different classes are toddler class, pre-nursery, nursery or preschool, kindergarten 1, and kindergarten 2. Each has a different learning approach, such as working with games, rhymes, games, songs, sports, and other sensory fun activities. The key is that every age class has its focus on developing certain development, starting from the fundamental to the complex skills.

Global Sevilla IEYC

The support of separate and unique learning is the curriculum, IEYC, or international early years curriculum. It is a world-known curriculum that focuses on students’ development as the whole child. In other words, a specific structure for young learner education with a unique approach in every study.

The approach of the international preschool Jakarta Timur is in its purposeful play. The principle pinpoints the fun and practical activities to develop literacy, numeracy knowledge, creativity, understanding of the world, and many other functions. It also follows suit the six areas of learning and development for personal and interpersonal growth.

As one of the schools with international standards, Global Sevilla has its focus on providing the best curriculum and learning approach. The young learner education also included the school trying to provide more attractive, interactive, and fun materials in its study. Together with the article, it is the best you can find for young learner education.

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