The Outstanding Facilities Provide for Young Learners at Preschool Jakarta Barat

The Outstanding Facilities Provide for Young Learners at Preschool Jakarta Barat

Every school has facilities that can be accessed by students and teachers for the learning and teaching process. In addition, this facility is essential to support students’ non-academic and academic achievements. One preschool Jakarta Barat that is becoming the best school is Global Sevilla. It is because of the various facilities available. Let’s check the information below!

The Outstanding Facilities Provide for Young Learners at Preschool Jakarta Barat

Facilities to Support Learning Activities at Global Sevilla School

  1. Toddler Classroom

Students at the toddler level have unique characteristics. The reason is, they still lack focus and like to play. Thus, Global Sevilla provides the best facilities, such as a toddler classroom for young learners at ages 1.5 to 2 years old. The classroom comes with soft mats and soft walls with adorable colors to attract the students more interested in learning activities.

  1. Sensory Room

To teach the students ability in terms of sensory, young learners at kindergarten will need excellent facilities such as sensory rooms. Through the sensory room, the young learners will boost their skills in climbing, jumping, balancing, etc. In this case, the parent doesn’t need to worry about their children at preschool Jakarta Barat since it is supported by well-trained teachers.

  1. School Playground

During break time or after-school activities, the students at the primary level can play at the spacious field and many open spaces on the Global Sevilla. In addition, the children can also use the outdoor facilities by visiting a playground. It features some great facilities for students such as swings, slides, and a climb tail for children to enjoy their time with their friends.

  1. Pre-nursery Classroom

Next, there is a pre-nursery classroom with well-equipped facilities provided by Global Sevilla. At this level, the teachers make sure the classroom is well-decorated with relevant charts, and students work to provide the best environment to learn in the classroom. The classroom also inspires children to have well-defined learning corners.

  1. Kindergarten Reading Corner

To make sure that the children have positive behavior in terms of literacy, preschool Jakarta Barat provides additional facilities such as a reading corner. It is designed for children in kindergarten. The colorful book is on display to attract student’s habits. In this case, the teacher will teach students by reading the book regularly while at classroom activities.

Choosing a school where children gain knowledge cannot be arbitrary to support their abilities. You can look at schools that use an international curriculum such as Global Sevilla because they have very complete facilities for children. Not only focusing on learning activities, but also facilities for developing the talents of the students themselves.



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